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Elevator pitch
December 24, 2020

Here is a short version of the upcoming "About me" book :)

I have been lucky to have my first computer at age six. It was Atari 65XE, with BASIC programming language built-in. Since then, computers is my passion, and I never really stop programming. My first web project came online in 2007, and it is still there. I got my first job as a developer in 2009.

My second passion is traveling. Only through traveling one can get a first-hand experience of foreign cultures and the beauties of nature. I like and do all sorts of traveling, planes, trains, cars, boats, bikes, on foot. This year, I tried kayaks (we have done something around 200 km in three days) and a motorcycle, which is now my favorite way of getting to remote areas.

Overall I can describe myself as a friendly and communicable person.