Rust Atomics and Locks by Mara Bos

Rust Atomics and Locks by Mara Bos

I remember that I wanted to read more fiction, but hear me out.

At some point, borrow checker will force you to slap that Arc and Mutex on some of your HashMaps, Vec’s, and what have you. If you want to know answers to what, why, and all other important questions, as I did, I highly recommend Mara’s answer.

A big chunk of the book is atomics and memory ordering. And, I think, for the first time, the ordering concept kind of clicked for me. One particular thing is that despite wanting the strongest guarantee possible, most of the time, you need a relaxed one. But it is so subtle that right now, if I need to specify memory ordering, I'll go and reread that chapter.

One more thing. Rust itself is good at expressing safety mechanisms like locks. This should not be news, right? But how often have you thought about the implementation of a Mutex? For me answer is maybe once before this book. And the fact that Rust allows you to express API of it in a compile-time checkable way, makes me appreciate the language even more.

Original Title: Rust Atomics and Locks: Low-Level Concurrency in Practice

ISBN: 1098119444 (ISBN13: 9781098119447)

GoodReads: 4.79 / 5