Serhiy Barhamon

Serhiy Barhamon

I have been lucky to have my first computer at age six. It was Atari 65XE, with BASIC programming language built-in. Since then, computers have been my passion, and I have never stopped programming.

I was launching some startups with various levels of success. The usual level of success was a failure. But that was always fun and educational. 10/10. I will do it again.

In my free of screen time, I do adventurous stuff and sometimes play music.

Adventures: see all

Tour du Mont Blanc

Every year, we go on an adventure to celebrate our anniversary. This year’s adventure was the Tour du Mont Blanc hike.

Preparations for the TMB hike

This year is my wife's turn to come up with a vacation plan, and we will go on a two-week hike around Mont Blanc Mountain.

The southern part of TET Turkey ride

I convinced Dima that it is a good idea (that was easy), and we rode 2067 kilometers in eight days on motorcycles in May 2023.

Software: see all

Look ma, NO JS!

I rewrote my blog without any JS.

Yamd notes

What I learned while writing my flavor of markdown

How to iterate over the array in JavaScript and the root of all evil

benchmarking array methods vs for loop vs iterators vs generators

Books: see all

Point and Line to Plane by Wassily Kandinsky

I got some insights from that book but would not read it if I had something else to read.

Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann

Designing Data-Intensive Applications - the one book to read to understand software development.

Systems desigh interview by Alex Xu

The high-level design of different systems, from URL shorteners to YouTube.

Life: see all

Two years in Munich

Unbelievable how relative time is. It feels like we have lived here for at least twice as long.

The year 2022

This is my 2022 review. For obvious reasons, this year has a titanium shit shovel as a mascot.

The trolley problem, but the real one.

IDK how to feel about all of that

Music: see all