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The Advent of Code 2023

It is time to be honest, and say "I will not finish it". Come on, it is the middle of February.

Look ma, NO JS!

I rewrote my blog without any JS.

Yamd notes

What I learned while writing my flavor of markdown

How to iterate over the array in JavaScript and the root of all evil

benchmarking array methods vs for loop vs iterators vs generators

Blog updates

In one of the first posts, I promised to post the music here. This time has come.


“Just for fun”™ Linux on Rust rewrite

Rust and NSString part 2

How NSString::UTF8String actually works

Weird interview question

Given a function that produces uniformly distributed random numbers between zero and one. Calculate the Pi.

Rust and NSString

How to find and fix memory leaks in programs written in Rust for Mac os