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Three years in Munich

With the Russian invasion still ongoing, my feelings about us moving to Germany are obviously skewed.

2023 recap

Unfortunately, that’s a bad sign when you start a year review with the word unfortunately, but what can I do?

Two years in Munich

Unbelievable how relative time is. It feels like we have lived here for at least twice as long.

The year 2022

This is my 2022 review. For obvious reasons, this year has a titanium shit shovel as a mascot.

The trolley problem, but the real one.

IDK how to feel about all of that

A year has passed since we moved to Munich

We have lived in Munich for a year, and moving here was the second-best decision in my life.

Half a year

I have lived in Munich for half a year already. Do I like it?

Moving our stuff

Moving stuff from Kyiv to Munich. With back pain and cat.

Status update

Life updates