Blog updates

Blog updates

In one of the first posts, I promised to post the music here. This time has come.

I have a Telegram channel where I have been posting music for quite some time for my friends. The first step is to move all the entries I already posted there. It is pretty simple to download the channel archive from telegram. And, because I can, I wrote some tools on Rust to convert data to a format my blog will understand, upload images, and so on.

If you are interested in code, check those GitHub repos: telegram-post-converter and Cloudinary SDK. Maybe I will make an effort to make something resembling a crate from the Cloudinary SDK repo.

The second step is translating old descriptions into English, checking for broken links, and so on. This is a work in progress. You can already check the stuff here: music. I wouldn’t say I like how it looks, so expect some change in design.

I also think about implementing ActivityPub as part of a migration to Rust. But it took me two years to start migrating my music posts here, so no promises.