Round the world trip on a motorcycle

Round the world trip on a motorcycle

I was fascinated by long motorcycle journeys since my first bike but started to think about it seriously while watching "Long way round" a year ago. If you didn't watch it, I strongly recommend watching it even if you do not ride bikes. Because, you know, Adventure :)

I do not have a team to manage visas and other boring stuff. So it will be at least a half-year journey. Thus I still don't know how to do it because of family, work, etc.

But I read a lot about it, so here is a couple of examples for inspiration:

The first woman who did solo round the world trip was Anne-France Dautheville. I didn't find a lot of info about that trip, but I can imagine that it was a hell of an Adventure in 1972. Just imagine no phones, no GPS, no fancy adventure bikes.

The first man who made a solo motorcycle trip around the world was Carl Stearns Clancy. He made that in 1912 - 1913. At that time, I am not sure even the roads were there. If you think you need some unique bike for travel, look at his.

Elspeth Beard. Her story remains unknown for 30 years. Go to her web site you won't be disappointed. (I know that Dave Calderwood apologized, but that letter steel makes me angry)

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman whos journey inspired a lot of people, included me. Also, they do a new show right now - Long way up

Sjaak Lucassen - 2001 until 2006 on a Yamaha YZF R1 (250,000 km). I heard a lot about him but just recently found his youtube channel. So go and subscribe, hit like buttons, and share because he deserved to be famous.