The plan

The plan

One week left before my trip to the mountains on a motorcycle. The whole route is +/- 1400 km.

There are plans to visit the abandoned Pamir radar station in the Carpathian mountains and ride around.

I have three days for everything. Here is a rough plan.

Friday: Check out at 7 am. According to the plan, I need to drive about 650 km to the place of a stay. Put up a tent there, light a fire, have supper and, fighting off mosquitoes, go to sleep.

Saturday: For this day, the plan is to drive +/- 200 kilometers through the mountains without asphalt. Somewhere on the way to the Pamir, I will need to go through a border checkpoint as part of the route runs along the Romanian border.

Sunday: The road home is about the same 650 kilometers. If I go to the Bakota, it will be something around 700 km. Not sure about it.

It remains to come up with a menu, but it seems to me that it will be freeze-dried food. I tried –áDLO before and it was very good. Get side bags from repair. Pack all my stuff and I ready to go.

see you on the road

See you on the road :)