My first rust app that works and does something useful.

What does it do?

Have you ever pasted a link in messenger and deleted all those fbclid, utmsource, utmcampaign, utm_medium GET params by hands? Clink does that for you. It sits quietly in the background, and if you copy a link to the clipboard, Clink automatically removes those params for you.

Inspiration for this project was this tweet. And yes, Clink has "your mom" mode :)

If you are interested, here is the link to the Clink GitHub repo. And if you are not interested in reading source codes, here you can download the latest version of Clink for your operating system (macOS, Linux, Windows).

Usage is pretty straightforward:

clink [OPTIONS]
    -v, --verbose Be verbose.
    -m, --mode Mode of Clink. Available "remove" and "your_mom" modes (default: Remove)
    -h, --help Show this help message.

I learned a few things along the way and some things I want to learn in the near future. Like is it ok to thread::sleep, or there is a better way. Or how to automatically build deb and dmg? And so on.

So yeah, stay tuned to more Rust content :)