Now with a memory leak 🎉

Since my first mention of it, I've made a lot of changes. If you interested in changelog you can look at the releases page.

But most important thing that I noticed is a memory leak. To be completely honest, I am not sure if there is a memory leak, but it looks there is. So yeah, I noticed that after couple of weeks clink process consumes more than 600mb of RAM. I found it wrong because this is a small app, and my expectation is that it should be less than a megabyte.

I still did not find the time to do a proper analysis what is going on. So far, I have a couple of theories :

  • I am so “talented” that even languages with “memory safe“ selling point are leaking in my hands.
  • There is something that I don't know about how memory allocation works on Mac OS
  • I am using the ,clipboard@0.5.0, crate, and the leak is there.

I read a couple of blog post about how to approach tasks like that, and it feels like takes couple of days😔

And one more thing™ - when I packed my stuff, I noticed that I am running low on T-shirts. And guess what? Now I have the clink T-Shirt. At first, I did not liked it. I mean printing quality was not that impressive, but the longer I have it, more I like it. Maybe, when I will have time or inspiration there will be 1.1 version of it. Right now I do not know why you will want one, but if you do - drop me a message.