This year I changed the motorcycle class.

This year I changed the motorcycle class.

I used to drive a Honda X11. And this is a great bike that I still love. But I want to ride not only on asphalt. So I bought an even more ancient but no less legendary Africa Twin RD04 motorcycle.

My old Honda X11

It is already 30 years old, and I had to go after it 600 km, one way and halfway back on it (thanks to Igor, Denis, and Vlad for the adventure). But I am satisfied a little more than completely because I drove into such places on it that I could not have at X11. But, from some, I could not get out on my own.

My new (old) Honda Africa Twin (XRV750)

And if I had a time machine, I would send me to the past and persuade the younger myself to take some kind of dirt bike instead of a street bike.

Africa Twin adventure