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Tour du Mont Blanc

Every year, we go on an adventure to celebrate our anniversary. This year’s adventure was the Tour du Mont Blanc hike.

The southern part of TET Turkey ride

I convinced Dima that it is a good idea (that was easy), and we rode 2067 kilometers in eight days on motorcycles in May 2023.

Preparations for the part of the TET Turkey ride

I missed my motorcycle adventures so much, and this spring, I will finally have a new one.

We crossed the Alps.

Hike the Austrian section of the E5 with detours and fun.

The fun stuff

You can do all sorts of things while unemployed. Here is a list of what I`ve done

A 3-day motorcycle adventure in the Carpathian mountains

A trip from Kyiv to abandoned military radar station 'Pamir' and back on two old Africa Twin motorcycles